Step 1: choose browse/search you need goods, click "buy" can put the shopping cart (shopping list page).

The second step: add to cart put the shopping cart, if you still want to buy other interested goods, click on the shopping list of the "continue to choose goods" or access to other pages, search to buy goods.

Step 3: login/registration if you not wasted in registration, please click on the new user registration page, it only takes a few seconds, fill in the basic registration information, complete the registration, and then login.

Step 4: to select a payment option

1, from the choice of payment option one: cods, payment and bank transfer, the third party online payment (according to the area you can offer mode selection);

2, invoice issue: if you don't need invoice, you can skip this step; If you need the invoice, please tick, and fill in the relevant issue content; Finally click "ok".

Step 5: the choice of distribution mode, delivery time requirements

1, have the following distribution mode: ordinary mail, common express delivery, express cargo to payment, urgent to send, the door from mention;

2, time requirement: working days and weekends and holidays are delivery (please on the delivery time in the box to choose). Delivery address if the day no one, please contact customer service staff and 800-8 XXXX - 30 special instructions arrange other time delivery (note: special arrangements may be beyond the expected delivery days); If you have special instructions, please fill in the "special instructions". 3, finally click "ok".

Step 6: shipping details

1, to confirm that you fill in the shipping address, delivery, payment terms, if need to modify, please click on the corresponding "modify" button to modify. If you have special instructions, please fill in "special instructions".

2, confirm correct, click on the "confirm and submit the order".

Step 7: the formation of order form

Please remember your order number to check, and your mail letter will receive an order confirmation letter.

Step 8: XXX net customer service staff to verify the order

If there are special circumstances XXX network service provider to call you to verify the order, to verify the product and confirm your receiving information, etc.

Step 9: delivery

Customer service staff to verify the order as soon as possible after XXXX and distribution, and the next day the delivery, the customer can refer to the shipment schedule inquires the know arrival time situation.

Step 10: acceptance of the goods

When you receive the goods, please carefully check your order goods type, quantity, specification and corresponding gifts, qualified, please sign on the delivery note, the final payment. If you to our service and business product not satisfied, can

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